J  O  H  A  N  N  E  S      H  Ø  I  E
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" Absolute Veto " a collaboration between Shwan Dler Qaradaki and Johannes Høie, as a part of HRHW 2015 at Kunstplass 10. Rostedsgt. 10, Oslo.
12th of February opening at 18:00hrs, ends 21st of March at 17:00hrs.

New murals completed at Bjørgvin Prison, commissioned by KORO and at Statoil Main Office building. Both in Bergen, Norway



"LIMBO" in collaboration with Filippa Barkman, at Kunsthall Grenland, Porsgrunn. 2014.
Site-specific wallpainting, drawings, sculpture and installation.

Review here (in Norwegian)

"Triptykon, Left and Rigth Panel" 2013/14
Ink on paper.

"Triptykon (Left Panel)" Ink on paper 2013.

"Triptykon (Left Panel)" detail

"Triptykon (Left Panel)" detail

"Natteferd" Ink on paper 2013.

"Heimat" Ink on paper 2013.

"Devouring The Sun", at Galleri Maria Veie, Oslo. 2013.
Site-specific wallpainting, drawings, objects and installation.

"DISINTEGRATION", at Galleri Maria Veie, Oslo. 2009.
Site-specific wallpainting, drawings and installation.

"Flesh Frieze (Several Titles", Tegnebiennalen/Drawing Bienniale, Tegnerforbundet 2012.

"Floodland IV" Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo 2008.

#lion panarama

deludo IIveggveggtegning

 The book BLACK HEARTS DAWNING available on Liminious Feror









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